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opendircolorsGenerate colors for ls(1)

opendircolors [-bch] file

The opendircolors utility reads the inputed file and generates values for LSCOLORS and LS_COLORS. This is a near drop in replacement for GNU's dircolors(1), except it does not contain -p or have any default values. If file is a single dash (‘-’) opendircolors reads from the standard input.

The options are as follows:

, --sh, --bourne-shell
Format the output for use with a bourne-shell.
, --csh, --c-shell
Format the output for use with csh(1) or tcsh(1).
, --help

The color string used for ls(1).
The color string for GNU ls(1) and various other utilities such as tree(1).

The opendircolors utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.

Add 'eval "`opendircolors ~/.dir_colors`"' to your .shrc to automatically set LSCOLORS and LS_COLORS.


The dircolors(1) utility first appeared in GNU coreutils on Apr 29, 1996, written by H. Peter Anvin.

April 27, 2021 opendircolors