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UICACHE(1) General Commands Manual UICACHE(1)

uicacheUpdate registered applications

uicache [-afhlrv] [-i id] [-p path] [-u path]

Update iOS registered applications and optionally restart SpringBoard.

, --all
Iterate through the system applications and update the cache to reflect any changes. This replicates behavior of the old uicache ran without options.
, --force
Forces all applications to be reregistered when used with -a rather than just the changes. This option will make -a significantly slower. When used with -p or -u, uicache will operate on apps installed from the App Store.
, --help
Prints help text.
, --info bundleid
Shows information about the application with the specified bundle ID.
, --list
Lists the bundle ID and path for each registered application.
, --path path
Registers or updates an application bundle, at the specified path , to the cache.
, --respring
Restarts SpringBoard and backboard after all other actions.
, --unregister path
Unregisters an application bundle, using the specified path , from the cache.
, --verbose
Print out which apps are registered and unregistered when used with -a.

To refresh all applications

uicache -a

To register Sileo

uicache -p /Applications/

To show information about the Settings app

uicache -i

sbreload(1), uiopen(1)

The uicache utility first appeared in uikittools on September 14, 2008, written by Jay "Saurik" Freeman. Later, it was reimplemented by CoolStar for the Chimera jailbreak on April 30, 2019. The -l and -i flags were added to uikittools-ng on April 4, 2021, by Cameron Katri.

The uicache utility does not work on any applications that were installed from the App Store. There is a check to prevent any modifications to them which will be overwritten by -f.

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